We are committed to educating your child on the beauty of the African culture/ history and make them appreciate their or learn from African Heritage and be grounded in it.


We endeavor to inspire your child into becoming whoever they aspire to be.Identity is a challenge for many children with an African background.Our aim is to make them understand their roots.


We aim to provide a safe and friendly atmosphere that will help motivate your child in overcoming the day to day challenges that life may bring.We give them the opportunity to explore and learn most of the African and Caribbean Artifacts.

Our Curriculum

Swahili Language

African History

African literature

African Culture

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is “UBUNTU”, which is the daily guiding principle for the children.
A person is a person through other people” is an African proverb which describes “Ubuntu”. “Ubuntu” calls us to mirror our humanity for each other. It can be felt in the spirit of;

  • • Willing participation

    • Unquestioning cooperation

    • Warmth

    • Openness

    • Personal dignity

Latest News & Stories from Us

Fashion & Hair
The children will be introduced to the meaningful and majestic materials and clothes worn by our ancestors, and teach them how to combine and wear them in the modern times. Information about afro-hair styles and maintenance will be given.
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African Dishes (Soul Food)
The African dishes are as mixed and diverse as her people, history and landscape. Each tribe has its own specialties. Just like any other society, Recipes were modified due to influence from the outside world through Trade and Travel. In our workshops, you shall prepare different dishes and learn about the available nutrients in each [...]
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Our Team

The Founder.

Odilia Okonga is Kenyan born, she moved 10 years ago to The Netherlands this made her realize how important her culture, history, and languages. She speaks 4 Bantu languages including Swahili in addition to English and Dutch. She is also very interested in the Dutch culture. She translates for various organizations including the United Nations in The Hague.

Because of her passion for the African culture, she started an African school where anyone can learn the African culture and various African languages.

She is also Pursuing Counselling at African Centred Counselling.

For more on Odilia Check her LinkedIn


A meticulous Media and marketing practitioner with excellent communication and organizational skills, having worked in Africa for different local and leading international media houses as production manager, producer, camera operator and video editor. Abeka work experience ranges from covering arrays of African stories from politics, terrorism and Human interest to  Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN, and AP and other international Organizations.

He is the founder of moving minds Europe, production company  specializes in telling African stories

For more information about Abeka check him on LinkedIn

Our Partners