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African School Netherlands

Welcome to African School

African School Netherlands is a Saturday school that teaches African/Carribean History, culture and  Languages.

The need for a human being to retain identity is a very important contributing factor to general mental health.  People’s identity is rooted in their identifications- in what they associate themselves with. What a person associates him or herself with is ultimately who that person is.

Our general goal is to provide your child with an extracurricular educational experience  that will help them know who they really are- IDENTITY


Children with African Roots or just interested in African Culture

Volunteers & Internship Students to Africa

Tourists and Business Individuals

Companies for African Workshops

Adults who want to learn Languages, culture and History

Our philosophy is “UBUNTU“, which is the daily guiding principle for the children.

“A person is a person through other peopleā€ is an African proverb which describes “Ubuntu”. Ubuntu calls us to mirror our humanity for each other. It can be felt in the spirit of;

  • Willing participation
  • Unquestioning cooperation
  • Warmth
  • Openness
  • Personal dignity
  • To Educate– To educate your child about the beauty of the African culture and make them appreciate their African Heritage and be grounded in it.
  • To inspire– To inspire your child in becoming whoever they aspire to be.
  • To motivate– We aim to   provide a safe and friendly atmosphere that will help motivate your child in overcoming the day to day challenges that life may bring.
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I met you, you met me-we met.

Our paths crossed, aligned, separated.

who are you? Are you my own kind?

where do I belong? where do you belong? Does my history have something to do with all         

these questions?

Or am I just curious?


who are you? who I am I?

out of all the people on this earth, why have I met you?

So much in common. So many differences.

I met you, You met me- we met

By Nthabi ,South Africa